-1- Going On


Scott jolted upright in his seat. Paper was strewn all over the desk.

The story. Where was it? He thought for a moment. More importantly, what was it?

He searched through the pile. The pages were blank. Scott racked his brain for information. Nothing came to mind.

Writer’s block maybe, he thought.

Scott looked over and noticed the time. He was already late for work. He threw on clothes and left home. He caught a bus on the corner. Something was off. The world seemed less cluttered somehow. Like a weight was lifted. People on the bus smiled. They laughed. Actually talked to each other. That was odd. Scott looked out the window instead. It made him less uneasy. But where on earth were all the billboards? Advertisements? The world had nothing to shout about.

Okay, something is seriously wrong, he thought.

He scrambled off the bus. Scott looked up at the building. The Winnipeg Free Press building. He had spent 15 years working here. But this building stood barren, abandoned. Scott stopped a woman on the sidewalk.

“What happened to this building?” he gasped.

“Um, I don’t know. It’s always been empty,” the woman replied. She looked at Scott inquisitively.

“The Winnipeg Free Press building?” He shouted.


“The Newspaper? I’m a journalist.”

“I’m sorry I—“

“What is going on?!” he sputtered.

“Oh, we don’t worry about that much.”

“About what?”

“What is going on.

“I don’t follow…”

She laughed and took his hand. He didn’t pull away. They strolled through a park. A weight somehow lifted.

“It’s better this way,” she stated.


A meteor approached from above. But it didn’t really matter.



(This Blog Challenge: write a short story where “All media disappeared one morning.” 275 words, only active sentences of maximum 7 words.)

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