U of W is weird

After I found Ashtyn for our interview, we looked for a quiet place to sit. We apparently took a wrong turn in search of privacy and ended up in a weird, creepy, heavily graffiti-d staircase. We went up the stairs but it just kept getting darker and sweatier, and for some reason none of the doors had handles. None of the other floors had windows either.

We got to the top and the walls looked like the inside of a neglected psychiatric patient’s bedroom, complete with two (empty?) bottles of wine hidden in the ceiling. I snapped some pictures and then as we descended I joked that the door we came in wouldn’t have a handle either—


We tried going down (how deep did this thing go?!) and it got weirdly cold very quick. Ashtyn noticed a fun little message on the wall: “TO HELL” it said, with an arrow pointing down the stairs. So, unsurprisingly, we got out of their as quickly as possible. Both of us simultaneously felt some extremely unsettling vibes coming from this yellow, industrial, densely-scrawled-on nightmare place. We eventually managed to wave down a student at the other end of the hallway to come and open the door on the only floor with a window.

Thank god for her, what an upstanding human (even though she took her sweet ass time getting over to us).


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