-5- Blogs about blogs about blogs about…

My latest blog challenge for school is to “Recommend a blog or a twitter account my CreComm classmates might find helpful as they pursue the program.”

I should be honest, I am quite new to this whole blogging thing. New to writing in one, yes, but shamefully, I am also kind of new to reading them. I have a short attention span, and in the past blogs seemed long, and difficult to start reading if you don’t have prior knowledge of what it’s about.

Wrong! There is so much good stuff out there, and I’m even just learning that in the time I have spent reading my fellow classmates blogs alone.

Nonetheless, there is a few that stand out in my mind.

1.If you have any interest in editing, and videography go watch the videos on Every Frame a Painting. They use all kinds of t.v. shows and movies to talk about the technical behind the scenes of making videos. I’m probably selling this in a really boring sounding way, but seriously, every video is so interesting so go check them out. You’ll learn some really neat things, and chances are it’ll help you out in Media Production.

2. Around the time I began planning my solo trip to Asia I was trying to do lots of travel research. Tips, tricks, advice and all the rest. That’s when I found Danny Dover through one of his youtube videos about minimalist packing. Not only does he do travel blogging and videos, he also runs a blog called Life Listed. Danny is a constant traveller, marketer, and bucket list extraordinaire. His blog posts include monthly Life Lists of things to try in order to better yourself and be exposed to new things. You can sign up for the email list and he encourages readers to share their experiences with each of the “Life List” challenges.

3. For anyone who’s like me, and sometimes can’t seem to find that motivation to keep writing, working, or doing anything, take a quick 5 minute break to read some posts on the Reddit forum: GetMotivated. I find that spending just a couple minutes on there can recharge me and get me going again on anything I’m doing. I read a quote there once that goes:

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

Also– this video has really helped me every time I get frustrated about the quality of my own creative work. Keep at it!

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