Folk Fest In December

All winter I dream about Folk Fest. Warm weather, good people, good music, and good vibes. The first year I went with Ashtyn Walker was basically unforgettable, so I made a winter video-tribute to the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

(I made this for a school project and recorded the music in my bedroom)

12 thoughts on “Folk Fest In December

  1. Wow, this is unbelievable! You’ve set the bar high (assuming this is your Who Am I assignment.)

    I’m so impressed that you recorded the music yourself. And how did you get that bird to land on your fingers? Are you a Disney princess?

    Amazing job, I hope we can all watch each other’s Who Am I videos sometime!

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    1. Hahah well thank you! Yes, it was my Who Am I, and I’m excited to see everyone else’s too.

      I was actually just taking some shots in the forest there and one tried to land on my hand. They think you’re trying to feed them or something so you can literally put your hand out and they’ll just land on it!

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  2. I COULD WATCH THIS 100 TIMES! I love it so much, I can almost smell folk fest while watching. You captured that sense of belonging and love for the festival so beautifully


    1. Honestly only had to wait like 30 seconds. I was setting up a shot of the forest when one like landed on my arm and i freaked out for a second. But that’s when i realized HOLY SHIT I should just put out my hand and see what happens lol


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