As decades go by I think we’ll see media continue towards deeper and deeper immersion. More practical, and realistic feeling virtual reality is going to go very mainstream as soon as the technology starts to rev its engine.

We’ll have the stuff of Chuck Palahniuk’s Rant, like “neural transcripts” where you plug into the back of your head to experience a film, tv show, or advertisement. You’ll be able to experience a very real fabricated world:

  • with sound,
  • sight,
  • touch,
  • smell,
  • and taste.

Maybe in my lifetime.

It’s already what brands are aiming for: follow us on all social media, get all your news and content from us, achieve total brand unity by buying only Apple devices, “Go to The Walking Dead story-sync to start your virtual two screen experience now. Feel like you’re really there, feasting on Rick Grimes’ rotting corpse.”

Ironically, some would argue that “the walking dead” is what total media immersion will turn us into, but I think I’m more hopeful for the future generation than that.

For every person descending into their wildest dreams of VR-life-fulfillment, someone else will be hacking a driverless car to feel real wind on their face–the thrill of control. Crashing cars into each other just to feel a little more alive (I’m referencing Rant again. Seriously go read it).

The technology is increasing exponentially, but our brain capacity is absolutely not. I feel like that’s gonna bite us all in our collective ass sooner or later–

and then you’re infected.

We killed you off the show. Sorry dude.

We’ll bring you back in season 8 to eat Darryl.

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