Tunes for Studying

Here’s a list of some of my favourite instrumental music to listen to while studying or getting work done:

Music For Studying

Pigarette – Pointsettia

  • Smooth math-y guitar riffs over R&B rhythms. It’s a little excited and busy sounding at times, but the guitar playing is so smooth and sleek. I find it’s a perfect pace for doing something analytical or any kind of studying.

Clever Girl – No Drum and Bass in the Jazz Room

  • Same math-y riffs like the first example, but a little more chaotic and loud. Still is great for studying to me. I get so in the zone listening to complex rhythms and licks like this. Hopefully it works for you too *shrug*.

Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

  • This isn’t technically instrumental, but it’s good mood music for me when I study. Works well for writing too. Thom’s vocals kinda drift and echo throughout and don’t tend to distract me too much.

Music for Writing

The Revenant Soundtrack

  • This inspiring, emotional, and almost minimalist soundtrack is perfect for creative writing, and specifically something kind of dark, sad, or dramatic.

Interstellar Soundtrack

  • This is obviously good for most kind of sci-fi or fantasy writing. I especially like the song “Stay”, I think I listened to that one repeat the last time I was working on a weird short story or something.
  • In terms of creative writing or scriptwriting, I think looking up the soundtrack to a film that has a similar feel to whatever you’re writing can really help put you in the right mindset to establish a mood in your writing. Soundtracks are awesome for that honestly.

Patrick Watson – Wooden Arms

  • This album can be pretty hectic and all over the place, but it’s so mysterious and atmospheric and emotional. I can’t get enough of Patrick Watson, and I probably never will. I think I remember someone using the term “Sci-fi folk” to describe them, and as far as I would guess, they could be very well be the only band under that genre’s umbrella.
  • Good for writing anything adventurous and strange. Good for feeling things and being stoned too. That goes for pretty much all of this music.

These are just some things like to listen to while working, but I’m always looking for suggestion. Comment below if you have any good instrumental/non-instrumental stuff that you use to get in the zone.

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